Q: How will I balance my academics with fraternity life?

A: SAE at the University of Washington has a high standard for academic achievement and intellectual development. Academic standards and mentorship by upperclassmen within the house give our younger members a support network that encourages them to become involved in pursuits on campus and in the classroom. A GPA of 3.0 is required in order to be elected into a position within the house, and mandatory study tables are provided those who are struggling with their course load.

Q: What is the average cost of living in a fraternity?

A: Sigma Alpha Epsilon currently charges around $3100 per quarter for rent. Joining a fraternity in the Greek Community is a great social and academic choice, but also a great economic choice. The average cost of living in the dorms (including food) will generally run about $4,000 -$4,500 per quarter.

Q: How does SAE provide opportunities for leadership?

A: Your four years spent as a member of SAE will include many opportunities to give back to the house. There is a position for almost everything. From designing gameday sweatshirts to planning our brotherhood retreats, there is no shortage of things that need to be done. Employers look for college students that prove they are capable and competent. Giving back to the fraternity is a great way to do so.

Q: Does SAE Haze?

A: SAE is a non-hazing fraternity, plain and simple. We believe in the equal treatment of all brothers and our actions support it. As seen around the country hazing often starts as small suggested or forced actions that often lead to more dangerous and sometimes fatal acts. To ensure that hazing does not occur on any level we have restructured our new member education program by removing the pledging process in its entirety. This, paired with ongoing member education, has created a safe environment that fosters growth and encourages members to live up to our creed, The True Gentleman.

This summer at the SAE John O. Moseley Leadership School, brothers present attended a powerful keynote presentation from the parents of Marquise Braham, Tim Piazza, and Max Gruver, three men who lost their lives to fraternity hazing. Though these three men were not SAEs, the 500 plus SAE’s attending knew they had a role in changing the culture of the whole greek community and moved to a two hour open dialogue. They then created eight commitments to take back to their chapters and use for empowering brothers to make that change.

As a True Gentleman, I commit to:

  1. Recognizing and admitting when the chapter has a hazing problem and seeking out the resources to help stop the behavior before things go too far.
  2. Identifying and eliminating unproductive or unhealthy traditions and having an honest conversation to create alternatives to ineffective traditions.
  3. Recruiting the right people and putting the right people in leadership positions.
  4. Having more opportunities to provide intentional and open discussion relating to getting to know the “whole self,” the “real self.”
  5. Respecting every brother, no matter how long they have been a member, and engaging the older brothers to set the example and enact change in the culture.
  6. Creating positive brotherhood-building activities by bringing in positive alumni activities, increasing transparency of brotherhood-building activities, partnering with other fraternities and sororities to create a healthy campus-wide Greek practice.
  7. Stop minding my own business and hold our members and members of other organizations accountable for their actions, because the actions of one reflect on everyone.
  8. Taking what I have learned home to our brothers, our chapters, our Greek systems, and communities starting today, because it starts with ME.

Q: What happens after you graduate?

A: Membership within SAE is for life. Upon graduation you will join the ranks of SAEs in the professional and academic work force that live by the ideals of the True Gentleman to change the world for the better.
The Washington Alpha chapter of SAE has a very tight-knit relationship with its alumni base. A unique alumni big bro program gives the young active members of SAE a mentor from which they can seek guidance and advice on matters of professional life, academics, and the fraternity. These alumni often prove valuable resources that serve as a network later on in life.

Q: How do I rush?

A: The University of Washington runs an informal recruitment period. This means that there is no window or deadline for when you may start rushing a fraternity. Simply contact a recruitment chair, and they will find a time to show you our house.

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