Our mission at Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to create True Gentlemen out of our young, fresh initiates. This is done through their introduction into an environment that emphasizes honesty, ambition, scholarship, and accountability. This environment fosters the development of social and professional skills that will greatly benefit them in their lives after graduation.

The fraternity serves as one of the greatest resources a university campus has to offer. The leadership experience and social skills learned within the walls of the chapter house simply cannot be matched by any other organization.

Membership is for life. The men at Sigma Alpha Epsilon learn the value of hard work, collaboration, and brotherhood. You will be hard pressed to find greater lasting friendships than the ones formed within the fraternity. These brothers will be at your wedding, and they will carry your casket.

Are you ready to experience history in the making?

We're excited to have you join us on this adventure. Begin the recruitment process to become a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon today!

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