Leadership Roles

At Sigma Alpha Epsilon we pride ourselves on becoming True Gentlemen. One way that we do this is by taking on the responsibility of leadership roles. Here are just a few of the roles you can take at Sigma Alpha Epsilon:


“It is the responsibility of the President to ensure every member acts in a manner that is in accordance with local and national laws and bylaws. Additionally, it is the role of the Eminent Archon to lead weekly chapter meetings and keep the chapter informed on any matters relating to or concerning the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Lastly, the Eminent Archon is responsible for and has the authority over the conduct and actions of any member in matters relevant to the good of the chapter.”

– Ben Stemer, PC 15

Academics Chair:

“Although Academics Chair is a demanding position, I’ve noticed how vital is it to our chapter. I take pride in having the chance to positively impact our new members along with those who need help with their studies. I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist my chapter in achieving the best education we can receive at UW.”

Dillon Barker, PC 15

Philanthropy Chair:

“As the Philanthropy chairman of SAE, I’ve learned valuable skills as a leader. I’ve learned how to better manage my time, I’ve learned how to be more organized, and most importantly, I’ve learned how great it feels to be able to give back to the community around me. Whether our chapter is donating to other chapter’s philanthropy events, or we’re raising money for our own philanthropic organization, Seattle Children’s Hospital, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to give back. SAE is amazing because it gives everyone in the chapter the ability to make a difference”

– Jared Tate, PC 15


“The Treasurer of SAE is responsible for managing the chapters spending. This position has taught me the importance of communication and has helped me develop my ability to pay attention to detail. One of my favorite aspects of this position is being responsible for budgeting because the smarter we spend our money the more we have left over to improve the house. Being the Treasurer is an incredibly rewarding experience that I recommend all members of the fraternity.”

– Zach Dingels, PC 16

Community Service Chair:

“As the Community Service Chairman I work with local non-profit organizations to provide opportunities for members to acquire volunteer hours. I keep record of how many hours each individual has to keep them on track for completing their annually required 21 hours. They can get them by participating in events that I connect the house with like building shelters with Habitat for Humanity, the Purple Heart 5k Dash, SARVA’s Take Back the Night, as well as clothing donations and blood drives to name a few.”

– Adam Gill, PC 15

Health and Safety Chair:

As Health and Safety Manager, I make sure everyone is healthy and safe. If people are coming back from a rough night, I make sure they are doing well. Also, I change the door codes to ensure nonmembers can not access the fraternity house.

– Michael Bondarenko, PC 16

Social Chair:

“As social chair you’re responsible for most of the events we do with other sororities or fraternities. Along with this you have to make sure you have all the supplies necessary beforehand and you’ve got to get members in the house to attend these events. It really gives you the opportunity to make changes you want to see happen.”

– Riley Tindell, PC 16

House Manager:

As house manager of SAE, I have gained skills in problem solving, leadership, and a heightened ability to fix items needing repair around the house. Since joining the exec team, I have become a more focused and determined brother, student, and colleague. I take great pride in being the person to come to when someone needs a more skilled set of eyes to look when something needs fixing. This experience is something I will take with me in my personal and professional career for the rest of my life because of the valuable skills mentioned I have gained.

– Sully Clark, PC 16

Recruitment Chair:

“As a recruitment chair here at SAE, I’ve been given a unique opportunity to both make an impact on the fraternity and grow as a person. Recruitment is the life blood of our house and without it the brotherhood would cease to exist. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to meet perspective new members and help choose those men that the brotherhood will be passed on to in the future. Individually I’ve learned to effectively manage my time, converse with a variety of people, and think of myself as a representative of the group rather than as an individual.”

– Adam Veith, PC 16

Social Media Chair:

“This position has given me the opportunity to create lasting memories and impressions of the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. From highlighting the good deeds done by our brothers to weekly social media uploads, it allows those in the UW community and those outside of the UW community to see the amazing work that the gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are involved in.”

– Kevin Li, PC 14

Brotherhood Chair:

“The Brotherhood Chairmen plan weekly events including dodgeball, floor hockey, 3 on 3 basketball, trivia night, BBQs, camping retreats, broomball, and anything else the current chairmen think of. With all of the business that comes with being a college student preparing for the professional world, having a weekly event dedicated to stepping back and spending time with brothers is always refreshing.”

– Michael Lewis, PC 14

Sports Chair:

“Being Sports Chair for the fraternity was a super fun, low-stress position that I definitely recommend to any lower class member that is trying to get involved with the house. As sports chair, it feels great being a communication source for all members of the house that wish to participate in intramural sports. Sports are great for team-building experiences as well as for brothers to engage in fun, competitive physical activity.”

Austin Martin, PC 15

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